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Another student sucess story

Congratulations to our two clients from Germany for getting a 4.5 year student visa granted today. Melina and Michael (*names changed) study the following course package.

Certificate IV of Business (8 months)

+ Diploma of Business (1 year)

+ Bachelor of Business (2.5 years)

= 4.5 years student visa

Year 12 (German Abitur) and IELTS/TOEFL English test is not required for this Bachelor pathway as the required skills will be acquired through the Certificate and Diploma. These students also got some credits from their Diploma recognised for their Bachelor degree which brought the duration and tuition fees for the Bachelor of Business down to $24,640 for 2.5 years.

Michael left High School in Germany early and did not get his year 12 (German Abitur) which is usually required to study a Bachelor's degree in Germany. The pathway program via the Certificate IV and Diploma of Business gives him the opportunity to obtain an internationally recognised Bachelor of Business degree in Australia. Furthermore, he will have excellent English and international skills when graduating in Australia.

We applied for Melina's and Michael's student visas onshore and the visas got approved within less than 6 weeks (average processing time was indicated as 4 to 5 months at the time of application). Congratulations and all the best for your journey in Perth, Melina and Michael!

FAQs Which English test is required for student visa?

The English test requirements usually depend on your citizenship, education history and school requirements. Contact us for a free assessment!

What qualification do you need to study in Australia? What are the entry requirements for a Bachelors degree in Australia? The qualifications and entry requirements depend on the course that you wish to study. If you want to study a Bachelor's degree, but you only finished year 10 of High School, there may be an option to study a Certificate and Diploma first in order to get direct entry into the Bachelor's degree. Book a free consultation!


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