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Australian tax tips for International Students

Did you know the Australian tax deadline is on 31 October?

That’s right! And it’s important to note that, if you earned income while in Australia, you are obliged to file your Australian tax return.

No refund, No fee Study in Australia Group has established a new partnership with to assist international students and backpackers with tax advice and tax return filing. You can contact for a free review and estimation of your tax refunds. also assist with Tax File Numbers and ABNs. An ABN number is required if you want to start your own business or you are self employed in Australia.

The global tax experts from have over 20 years’ experience claiming Australian tax refunds, so it’s safe to say they will ensure you claim all tax reliefs you are entitled to, so you receive your maximum tax refund.

Australian Tax Tips for International Students

1. The time to claim is now!

In order to claim your Australian tax refund you must file your tax return.

So, with the deadline looming closer, it’s time to get started with your Australian tax return today!

2. It’s worth claiming what you’re owed

There are many reasons why you could be due a tax refund, so it’s worth investigating how much you can claim.

3. Don’t worry! Help is here

If filling out complicated tax forms sounds like the last thing you’d ever want to do, why not contact Their experienced team of tax experts will handle all of the tax paperwork, ensure you are availing of every relief you’re entitled to. They will also transfer your refund straight to your bank account, anywhere in the world, so no need to worry if you’ve already left Australia!


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