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Project Management Courses

Dipl. PM


The Diploma of Project Management teaches you professional Project Management skills across different industry sectors and contexts. The Project Management course prepares for a career in project leadership and management. Learn how to oversee and achieve project objectives, manage the project scope, time, quality, costs, risks, project human resources, project integration and project communication. You will be able to choose electives such as procurement, stakeholder engagement, governance, policies and procedures for sustainability.

Course Duration: 1 - 1.5 years


Project Management Career - Tasks & Responsibilities

Project Management plays an important role in many industries and sectors. Typical responsibilities of a Project Manager include:

  • Defining the project

  • Planning the project

  • Budgeting

  • Executing the project

  • Managing the project team, external suppliers and service providers

  • Overseeing all aspects of the project

  • Reporting on the project and closing the project

  • Project Managers may work with different departments and upper management to ensure that the scope and direction of the project is on schedule.

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The Advanced Diploma of Program Management is a higher Project Management qualification that teaches you advanced skills required to manage programs, interrelated projects and multiple projects to achieve organisational goals. You will learn specialised project knowledge and skills that you can apply across a range of industry contexts. Core units of the Advanced Diploma of Program Management course include program execution, stakeholder engagement, implementing program governance and managing benefits.

Course Duration: 1 year


Program Management Career - Tasks & Responsibilities

Program Managers typically manage multiple projects and are often responsible for planning, governance and overseeing the successful delivery of the program's output. They usually don’t manage the individual projects. This is the role of the Project Manager. The Program Manager typically coordinates the teams who are working on various projects.


Responsibilities of a Program Manager can vary depending on the institution. Examples of tasks and responsibilities are:

  • Daily management through the lifecycle of the program

  • Budgeting

  • Definition of program controls

  • Quality control

  • Monitor program and project progress and ensure that the milestones are met

  • Manage stakeholders

  • Management reporting

  • Risk management

Adv. Dipl. PM

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