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What is the cheapest CRICOS course for international students in Australia?

The cheapest courses are usually Business, MarketingProject Management and Leadership & Management courses for around AU$1,500 per term (3 months).​ Tuition fees vary by education provider and location. Sometimes the colleges offer scholarships which reduce the standard tuition fee. Contact Study in Australia Group for information on scholarships and payment plan options.

What is the cheapest degree in Australia?
The cheapest degree in Australia is usually a Bachelor of Business. You may be able to reduce the tuition fees if you study a Diploma or Advanced Diploma at a pathway college before. In that case you might be able to start in the second year of the Bachelor degree which reduces the tuition fees. Contact us to learn more about articultation agreements and pathway options.

Where can I find 6 months courses for international students in Australia?

6 months student visa courses in Australia are usually Certificate or Diploma courses in Marketing, Business, Project Management, Individual Support, Ageing Support, Aged Care, Disability Support as well as English language courses. Let us know which areas you are interested in and we will prepare some study options for you.

Study in Australia Group is an education agency providing free assistance for current and future international students in Australia. We will assist with your enrolment and student visa.

Complete our short CONTACT US form and we will send you detailed information on your course and college options, tuition fees, payment plans, timetables and explain which documents you require for your enrolment. 

Course discounts

Cert. III in Commercial Cookery + Cert. IV in Kitchen Management + Diploma of Hospitality Management

(2 years)

$16,000* for onshore applicants

SAVE $8,000

*quarterly payment plans available

Location: Gold Coast

Offer valid until 30 June 2023

Cutting Wood

Certificate III in Carpentry

(2 years)


SAVE $10,000 

*must submit application before 30 June 2023



Location: Perth or Adelaide

Car Mechanic

Certificate IV in Automotive Mechanical Diagnosis

(6 months)

$5,800 tuition fees*

SAVE $3,200 

Location: Perth or Adelaide

*must submit application before 30 June 2023

Diploma of Leadership & Management

(1 year)

$4,800 tuition fee*
SAVE $5,000 

Diploma of Project Management

(1 year)

$4,800 tuition fee*
SAVE $5,000

Location: Brisbane

*Offer valid for onshore applicants until 30 June 2023

Business office



$16,500/year (payment plan available) 

Duration: 3 years



Cert. III in Bricklaying
Location: Perth

$24,000 tuition fees for 2 years*

Cert. III in Wall & Floor Tiling
Location: Perth

$24,000 tuition fees for 2 years*

*can be paid in instalments



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