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Construction workers in Melbourne Australia are among the best paid tradies in the world! 

In July 2022, the Daily Mail Australia reported that on average, Melbourne currently has the highest hourly rate for construction workers in Australia. Construction workers in Melbourne are currently earning up to a whopping $124 per hour. 

Source: Daily Mail Australia - 16 July 2022

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CRICOS registered course

Start Date
Several intakes throughout the year

Career Opportunities
Residential or Commercial Carpenter

Study the Cert. III in Carpentry in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Hobart

Entry Requirement
Completion of the equivalent to Australian Year 10
Certificate III or equivalent
Mature age student

Language Requirement
IELTS 5.0 or equivalent
Free English placement test available


Increase your employability by completing the Certificate III in Carpentry. The Australian Certificate III in Carpentry (CPC30220) is a trade qualification and provides students with necessary skills and knowledge to work on a residential or commercial building site in the area of construction carpentry.


The tasks of a Carpenter in Australia include setting out, manufacturing, constructing, assembling, installing and repairing products made using timber and non-timber materials.

Cert. III in Carpentry students will learn how to produce quality work in the building and construction, renovation and maintenance sectors of the industry. Major areas of the Cert. III in Carpentry course include interpretation of plans, measurements and calculations, use of power tools and equipment, installing flooring and constructing timber external stairs, etc.


How do I become a qualified carpenter in Australia?

In Australia, you need a Certificate III in Carpentry to be able to work as a qualified carpenter.

How high is the demand for carpenters in Australia? Is carpentry in the PR list in Australia?
The immigration department has identified carpenters as an in-demand occupation in Australia. Please refer to the latest skilled occupation list for details.

What jobs can a carpenter do in Australia?

In Australia, a qualified carpenter can perform the following tasks: renovations, decks, pergolas, structures on buildings framing, doors window installations, trusses, stairs eves, etc.

Can I stay in Australia after completing a Carpentry course?

Certificate III in Carpentry students may qualify for a temporary graduate visa. Since the visa conditions and the Skilled Occupation List can change, we advise that you consult a migration lawyer who can provide detailed and timely advice on your graduate visa options and PR pathway.

How do I start to become a carpenter in Australia?

Complete our short CONTACT US form and we will send you detailed information on your course and college options, tuition fees, payment plans, timetables and explain which documents you require for your enrolment. We will organise a face to face consultation, Zoom or phone call to go through your questions. If eligible we will organise a free English placement test for you, so you don't have to sit the IELTS test. Study in Australia Group will guide you through the whole application process for free and help you with your student visa application.

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