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‘Build a Life in Western Australia’ campaign expands to attract European workers to WA

On July 5 2022 a media statement was published by the Western Australian Government. Here is what you need to know:

  • 'Build a Life in WA' campaign expanded internationally to attract skilled overseas workers to fill skill shortages in Western Australia

  • Key occupations targeted include construction and manufacturing industries

  • Ireland and the UK targeted as key markets for overseas workers

The 'Build a Life in WA' campaign is being expanded internationally to help attract skilled workers to WA and fill key skill shortages across a range of occupations.

The campaign initially launched nationally in 2021 and will grow to target skilled overseas workers in Ireland and the UK, after having previously focused on people living in other states of Australia.

Workers are needed to fill skill shortages in the construction and manufacturing industries, which have experienced strong growth in recent times with Western Australia's robust economy and long-term pipeline of work.

"The 'Build a Life in WA' campaign was developed off the back of the WA Government's Skills Summit in 2021, to attract workers to move to WA and fill vacant jobs."

The campaign complements other initiatives the Western Australian Government is implementing to attract skilled migrants and international students to Western Australia to help alleviate skills shortages. WA has a significant pipeline of major infrastructure projects that continues to contribute to quality job and business opportunities, creating a long channel of jobs into the future.

"As part of the State Government's $195 million 'Reconnect WA' strategy, the State Nominated Migration Program has also been expanded significantly through the addition of 142 occupations to the WA Skilled Migration Occupation List. This expansion included the addition of building and construction, health and a number of other occupations."

"An additional 194 occupations have been added to the Graduate Occupation List - taking the total number of listed occupations to 331 - to attract more international students to study in WA."

The expansion of the Graduate Occupation List will help to attract a broad and diverse range of skills that align with Western Australia's current and future workforce needs.

"The skilled migration pathway will also provide international students graduating in WA with the option to apply for permanent residence."

the media release wrote.

Official 'Build a Life in WA' campaign websites:

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The information on this page was obtained from the Government of Western Australia website on 05 July 2022. The information is subject to change. Content on this website is not intended for use as immigration or legal advice.


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