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How To Turn A Gap Year Into A Valuable Experience On Your CV


So, you’ve made the decision to have a gap year abroad. Whether that choice has been planned meticulously for years or is a last-minute decision, you probably have a few questions. One in particular, is how you will explain a gap year on your resume? It’s easier than you think, and a sabbatical or gap year could even be beneficial for your resume. Gap years, particularly in Australia, are becoming increasingly popular amongst backpackers, working holiday makers and professionals on sabbatical. Whatever your circumstances, you too can show your career break or gap year on your CV in a positive way.


Your cover letter will be your golden ticket when explaining your time abroad. A great resume showing off the experiences and education you reaped whilst on your gap year is one thing, but showing it off in your own words is even better. A short summary of the things you learnt, the skills you were taught and the reason you took a gap year is a fantastic way to show recruiters and prospective employers who you are. It doesn’t have to be a big summary; a few sentences are fine.


Australia has a wonderful education system, and is such high quality that people from all across the world flock here to become an international student. Study in Australia is an excellent option for someone looking to go abroad, take a break, and learn some new skills.

Particularly for those that are not fresh out of high school or college, potential employers will be quick to question a gap year or sabbatical. However, taking a course that further greatens your employability and business skills turns a gap year into an international education experience.

“Upskilling your career through a short course in Australia, e.g. English, Project Management or a Diploma in Social Media Marketing, helps you to improve your English, gain international business skills and develop intercultural competences.” Says Katrin Hilberath, Director of Study in Australia Int.


Another option for those looking to add something of substance to their gap year or sabbatical, is an internship in Australia or volunteering. Like education, an internship gives you really valuable hands-on skills that you can transfer to your workplace after your gap year.

Katrin understands the value that an internship can bring someone on a working holiday. “An internship helps you to develop business English skills, learn locally used software and delivers practical experience which sometimes even leads to secure employment.” Work Placement Programs in Australia

Volunteering is always received well on CV’s, as they teach a lot of skills, but are also seen as a compassionate personality trait that many business and companies value highly.

If you’re looking to take the leap into a gap year or sabbatical, the team at Study in Australia Int. are here to help you make the most of it. An education agency especially designed for future international students to assist them reach their full potential during a gap year through finding them suitable courses that match their goals, budget and individual needs.

Study In Australia Int. also assists students through free education counselling services, personalised expert advice, assistance with your application, career advice, support in finding work or internships whilst in Australia.

Contact them today to find out more about making your gap year work for you.


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