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Community Services & Community Management Courses

Dipl Community Services


Do you want to make a difference in the lives of individuals who need assistance with their own social issues? Then the Diploma of Community Services is the right course for you. The Diploma of Community Services is specifically designed to give you the right skills and knowledge to work with people, and assist them in seeking solutions for a range of personal and social issues.

For this qualification students must have completed at least 120 hours of work placement.  For those students not already working, the college will help to organise a work placement in a community service organisation.


Some of our colleges have established pathway programs with leading universities in Australia. Through these pathway programs graduates of the Diploma of Community Services can get some units of their Diploma recognised for further Bachelor studies (Bachelor of Social Work, Bachelor of Psychological Science) or even go straight into the second year of  the Bachelor of Education at the pathway partner university. Please contact us to find out more about the pathway options.

Core Units 

  • Develop and implement service programs

  • Develop workplace communication strategies

  • Analyse impacts of sociological factors on clients in community work and services

  • Manage and promote diversity

  • Manage legal and ethical compliance

  • Facilitate workplace debriefing and support processes

  • Reflect on and improve own professional practice

  • Manage work health and safety

Elective Units 

  • Assess co-existing needs 

  • Coordinate complex case requirements 

  • Develop, facilitate and review all aspects of case management

  • Provide case management supervision 

  • Undertake case management in a child protection framework 

  • Assess needs of client with alcohol and other drugs issues

  • Provide First Aid

  • Lead the work team

Course Duration: 1 year incl. 120 hours of work placement

Community Services Career - Tasks & Responsibilities

Community Services Workers assist in many aspects of people’s lives. In this fulfilling and rewarding career  you may work with children and families, senior citizens, those living with disabilities, those suffering drug and alcohol dependency, those living with a mental illness and other areas within the community.

Community Services Workers are usually providing direct support to individuals or groups of individuals.
A Community Services Worker may also have responsibility for the supervision of other staff and
volunteers. Community Services Workers may look after case management, program coordination and the development of new business opportunities.


  • Community Services Worker 

  • Family Support Worker 

  • Community Care Manager 

  • Coordinator of Volunteer Work

  • Care Team Leader

  • Family Services Coordinator

  • Support Facilitator (Community Services)

  • Community Housing Resources Worker

  • Community Development Worker for Social Housing

  • Community Recreation Coordinator

  • Housing Manager

  • Community Worker

  • Aboriginal Housing Worker

  • Community Services Coordinator

  • Case Coordinator (Disability)

  • Youth Housing Support Worker

  • Family Support Worker

  • Welfare Support Worker

  • Senior Youth Worker

  • Disability Team Leader

  • Support Facilitator (Disability)

  • Early Intervention Worker

  • Community Program Coordinator

Study Social Work - Study Diploma of Community Services - CHC52015 - Student Visa Australia
Adv. Dipl. Community Serv.


The Advanced Diploma of Community Management reflects the role of workers who are Middle Managers or
Managers across a range of Community Sector organisations. Community Services Managers work independently and report to Executive Management, Directors or the Management Board. 

Core Units

  • Manage and promote diversity 

  • Manage legal and ethical compliance 

  • Develop, implement and review quality framework 

  • Lead the work team 

  • Manage finances 

  • Lead and manage organisational change 

  • Manage innovation and continuous improvement 

  • Manage risk

Course Duration: 1 year incl. 120 hours of practical work placement


Community Management Career - Tasks & Responsibilities

At this level of qualification, workers have responsibility for planning and monitoring service delivery, recruitment and performance management of other paid or unpaid workers (volunteers). They manage risk and contribute to continuous improvement within the scope of their specific role. This may include the management of a specific community services program or project, broader management of a community-based organisation, early childhood education service, not-for-profit organisation or community centre.


  • Centre Manager 

  • Coordinator (large organisation)

  • Community Care Manager 

  • Manager (small agency/service) 

  • Community Development Manager 

  • Program Area Manager 

  • Community Education Manager 

  • Project Manager (Community Services)

  • Community Services Manager

  • Volunteer Program Manager 

  • Neighbourhood Centre Manager

  • Coordinator of Volunteer Work

  • Community Work Coordinator

  • Community Recreation Centre Manager

  • Community Development Manager 

Advanced Diploma of Community Sector Management - CHC62015 - Student Visa Australia - TAFE - VET - Internaional Students

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