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Melissa from Germany, Business Student and Social Media Marketing Assistant

Melissa shared her Study in Australia experience in Perth with us. Read her inspiring story below.

Tell us a little bit about you? What brought you to Australia?

My name is Melissa, I’m 23 years old and originally from Germany. Together with my partner I came to Australia for a work & travel year. We liked it so much that we stayed a second year. After that, we still didn't want to leave Australia, so we decided to study here.

How long have you been in Australia? What are you currently studying?

I've been in Australia since September 2019 and have been studying since October 2021 in Perth. First, I did Certificate 4 in Business for 6 months. Now I’m doing the Diploma of Business, which takes 1 year and after that the Bachelor of Business, which will take 2.5 years as I get some credits recognised from my Diploma of Business.

What do you like about studying in Australia?

Studying in Australia is much more chilled than studying in Germany. In addition to the 20 hours of studying per week, you still have enough time to work alongside. Unlike in Germany, you do your assessments from the comfort of your own home and don't have to memorise anything. Most of the teachers are very helpful and the relationship with them is much more personal than in Germany.

Do you find it difficult to study in English? Do you find your English improved quickly through studying in an English speaking country?

I remember the first days and weeks when I barely understood anything and I was totally frustrated and thought I would quit. I started to write down and translate every single word I didn't know. But I can promise you, over time you will understand more and more and even if you don’t understand every single word, you will understand the context. Your English improves very quickly and eventually you will understand everything.

What do you like most about Australia?

I love the beaches, palm trees, landscape and also the laid-back attitude of Australians. Another thing that is great is that you can earn very good money even without experience.

What is the biggest difference between Australia and your home country?

Australia has the highest minimum wage in the world, which makes it possible for me to earn more money than in Germany. Australians are very laid-back and not as serious. Being informal in Australia makes conversations and life easier. The food and product variety is better in Germany though.

What was your funniest and most unique job in Australia?

My first job was a bit random. I spent some time working on an egg farm in South Australia. During the summer it got up to 50 degrees! It was really hard work but fun though.

What do you currently do for work?

I work as a Social Media Marketing Assistant. >>Find out how to become a Social Media Manager in Australia

What is your most memorable experience in Australia?

The whole two years of work & travel were unforgettable. I travelled all over Australia! First trip was along the coast and the second one was through the centre (Uluru). During this time, I had to make a lot of decisions, got to know many different people, gained a lot of experience in different jobs and learned to be independent. There were good times and bad times, but that's part of the journey and you probably grow even more from bad experiences. A day we will never forget was, when we were on Kangaroo Island during the bushfires in January 2020 and rescued a koala.

What is your favourite place in Australia?

I don't have just one favourite place in Australia. I love Sydney as a city, the beaches in Western Australia and the rainforests in Queensland.

What is your favourite food?

To be honest I love my German food and often miss the food from my home country. That's the only negative thing about being in Australia. Other than that, I like pizza and ice cream.

Study in Australia Group review: Would you recommend Study in Australia Group’s services to your friends?

Yes, I would definitely recommend Study in Australia Group to my friends. Study in Australia group helps to find the right course for you - especially a more affordable course. They also help to prepare application documents and to apply for the student visa. On top of that, the service is free!

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