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Thousands of International Students to stay and work in Australia longer

Thousands of eligible international graduates will be granted the right to stay and work in Australia for longer as the government embarks on the biggest overhaul of the migration program since the end of the second world war. Below is a summary of the latest news updates from day 2 of the government's Jobs & Skills Summit. The summit has been dominated by Australia's labour shortage and the potential for migrant workers.

Post study work rights extended for specific degrees

International student graduates will benefit from the decision to increase the duration of post study work rights. Recent graduates with selected degrees in areas of verified skills shortages will be allowed two additional years of stay. This means selected Bachelor’s degree holders will be able to work for four years after graduating. In October the government will announce which degrees will be included. All Master degree students will be able to work for five years and PhD graduates will be able to work for six years wrote WA Today.

'Home Affairs Minister Clare O’Neil said the country needed to better use the “amazing resource” of international students after announcing the nation’s permanent migration intake would increase by 35,000 this year to its highest level.'

Relaxation of work restrictions for Student Visa Holders extended

The relaxation of work restrictions for Student Visa Holders will be extended until June 30 2023 to help ease skills and labour shortages. This means Student Visa Holders are temporarily allowed to work for more than 40 hours a fortnight.

Pathways to permanent visas

The government will make pathways for workers on temporary visas to stay longer, or transition to permanent visas wrote SBS News.

'Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said Australia's reliance on workers with temporary visas had made the workforce "vulnerable" and there was a "general consensus" to promote permanent migration pathways for workers.'

Source: SBS News

'Ms O'Neil said Labor’s priority is to move away from focusing on short-term migrants "toward permanency, citizenship and nation building".'

Source: SBS News

Australia's skills shortage: Jobs and visa opportunities

Below is an extract from the Priority Migration Skilled Occupation List:

  • Construction Managers

  • Civil Engineering Professionals

  • General Practitioners

  • Registered Nurses

  • ICT Business & Systems Analysts

  • Software & Applications Programmers

  • Electrical Engineers

  • Chefs

  • Veterinarians

  • Surveyors

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The information on this page was obtained from SBS News and WAToday websites on 04 September 2022. The information is subject to change. Content on this website is not intended for use as immigration or legal advice.


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