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What to do if you test positive to COVID-19 before travelling to Australia

Falling sick before travelling is never ideal but when it’s COVID-19 it can seriously disrupt your travel plans. We have summarised the most important information from the official website for you. As this information can change at short notice, please visit the before you make your travel arrangements.

If you have had COVID-19 and recovered

If you got tested positive for COVID-19 and you recovered, you must provide evidence of a negative PCR test unless you have a medical certificate that meets the exemption requirements. If you recovered from COVID-19 and you still test positive (known as "persistent shedding"), you will be eligible for a travel exemption if you provide the following at check in:

  • your positive COVID-19 PCR test result (taken within 3 days before your flight); and

  • a certificate from your medical practitioner.

The certificate from your medical practitioner must include:

  • the day the certificate was written

  • a statement to the effect that the person has had coronavirus and is now recovered and not considered to be infectious

  • the day of the first positive PCR result